HKRI Love & Design CSR Programme Completes the Fourth Campus Transformation in Peng Chau to Empower Children's Dreams

HKR International Limited (“HKRI”) and China Social Welfare Foundation's Design with Love jointly launched the fourth project of the "HKRI Love & Design CSR Programme" in May 2023. The project involved the transformation of the learning environment at Nam Ying Kindergarten in Peng Chau, Hong Kong. The renovation project has now been officially completed. With the theme "Building Dreams for Children," the school's spaces and facilities have been enhanced to create a harmonious blend of coastal scenery and campus environment.

In 2019, HKRI collaborated with the China Social Welfare Foundation's Design with Love to initiate the "HKRI Love & Design CSR Programme." The programme aims to improve infrastructure and campus environments for schools in need, supporting the development of youth education. To date, the programme has completed three projects in Shanghai, Haining, and Jiaxing, covering mainstream and special education schools, benefiting more underprivileged communities. Nam Ying Kindergarten is the fourth school to undergo renovation under the programme. Established in 1979, Nam Ying is a non-profit organisation and one of only two kindergartens in Peng Chau. Despite its nearly half-century history, the school's current campus, which accommodates around 50 students, occupies only 700 square feet.

The challenge of this renovation project lies in meeting the diverse needs of teachers and students with limited space. HKRI invited Mr. He Wenzhe, a board member of Design with Love and a renowned interior designer, to break free from the constraints of the original layout. He reimagined six functional areas, including learning, activities, library, teaching materials, toys, and exploration, to enhance the overall user experience of the school's interior spaces.

The renovation focused on two classrooms, where the designer reorganised the learning and activity areas, addressing issues such as overcrowding and compact spatial flow. The use of movable storage cabinets and adjustable tabletops increased storage space and improved classroom flexibility. Additionally, the designer incorporated non-slip mats into the interior flooring, ensuring safety while providing a designated area for indoor physical activities.

Furthermore, considering the needs of children of ethnic minority or with special educational needs, the designer thoughtfully reconfigured the administrative office into a dedicated activity room. This transformation enables teachers to tailor their teaching methods and provides a quiet environment for targeted training activities.

With the goal of creating a safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing campus, the designer took inspiration from the school emblem and uniform colours, choosing bright blue and yellow as the main colour theme for the indoor spaces. Furniture and furnishings were carefully selected with a focus on child-friendly and safety considerations, ensuring a unified design. Outdoor facilities were primarily renovated to improve rain protection for parents during pick-up and drop-off times. Whether during commute or learning hours, we hope to provide children with joyful and delightful sensory experiences.

Ms. Maisy Lo, Principal of Nam Ying Kindergarten, expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by the "HKRI Love & Design CSR Programme" , noting that the renovation not only improved the learning environment within the campus but also opened up greater possibilities for children's growth. Moving forward, the school will continue its efforts to facilitate happy learning and healthy development for every child.

Ms. Lynda Ngan, Executive Director and Chairperson of the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Committee of HKRI, mentioned that Nam Ying Kindergarten is the Group's first school renovation project in Hong Kong. It is situated on Peng Chau, facing HKRI’s flagship project Discovery Bay, with quite a number of the Group’s colleagues are Peng Chau residents. This renovation project not only embodies the development principles of ESG and fulfils corporate social responsibilities but also aims to encourage more employees to participate in volunteer activities through collaboration with the "HKRI Care & Share" corporate volunteer team, fostering a sense of community contribution.

With four campus transformation projects completed to date, covering a total area of over 18,800 square metres, the "HKRI Love & Design CSR Programme" starts with love, integrates local culture, and constructs nurturing environments for children's dreams, reflecting HKRI’s core value of "Respect". The Group will continue leveraging its experience and advantages in the real estate industry, persistently exploring and promoting public welfare, embodying the essence of "We Create a Lifestyle" in action.

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About Nam Ying Kindergarten
Established in 1979, Nam Ying Kindergarten is a non-profit kindergarten located in Peng Chau. Nam Ying Kindergarten promotes the balanced development of children in moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic aspects. The kindergarten aims to cultivate good habits, help children develop a healthy body, stimulate their interest in learning and curiosity, encourage them to explore, shape positive values and attitudes, and foster the development of excellent character.


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