HKR International Joins Hands with Hong Kong Designers Association Inviting Global Interior Design Elites to Redefine Flexible Home Spaces

Organised by HKR International Limited ("HKRI"), the fourth "PRI²DE Creative Camp" is officially launched on 17 August 2023. "PRI²DE Creative Camp" is one of the Group's corporate social responsibility projects. Since 2019, the Group has been providing a platform for aspiring designers and artists to showcase their creativity with hands-on opportunities. This year, HKRI collaborates with its strategic partner, the Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA), to roll out the "FLEXhome+ International Interior Design Competition 2023" focusing on the concept of flexible, multipurpose living spaces. The competition welcomes innovative works from global designers that redefine home space and elevate a lifestyle incorporating smart living and sustainable development.

Responding to the “new normal” of life with flexible home space

In the wake of the post-pandemic 'new normal,' interior design has undergone a transformation with the emergence of the 'flexible home space' concept. As smart home technology and sustainable design practices gain popularity, having versatile, multipurpose living spaces has become a necessity. Contemporary families, especially millennials, actively seek residential spaces that seamlessly accommodate their desires for safety, privacy, and interactivity. These spaces can effortlessly transform from a cosy home to a work space, fitness zone, study area, children's play area, entertainment hub, or pet corner.

In response to this trend, this year's competition is themed "FLEXhome+", soliciting avant-garde design proposals from designers worldwide. Using a designated 600 ft² apartment floor plan with a two-bedroom layout, entrants will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and create a "new normal" lifestyle with a smart and sustainable touch.

Impeccable panel judges from interior design to architecture professionals

The competition has specially invited five esteemed industry professionals to form a distinguished judging panel: Jackie Tang, Managing Director of HKRI and Fellow Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects; Steve Leung, internationally-recognised and award-winning architect, interior and product designer, and Founder of Steve Leung Design Group; Karr Yip, former Chairman of HKDA and Founder of ADO; Professor Peter Hasdell, Associate Dean of Academic Programmes in the School of Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a registered architect and an expert in urban studies; and Virginia Lung, the first Asian designer who won the “Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award” and Design Director of One Plus Partnership Limited, a Hong Kong-based interior design firm who has won more than 800 international awards.

The competition is open to all for free, regardless of age, nationality, or profession. Entrants can submit their proposals individually or in teams of up to three members. Outstanding entrant(s) aged under 35 will be rewarded with a "Young Design Talent Award" for recognising their excellent, innovative work. The judges will meticulously evaluate all submitted entries and shortlist finalists, who will be invited to attend the final and awards presentation ceremony held at the Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong. Finalists will present their works onsite, allowing the judging panel to make their final decisions and determine the winners. The total cash prize of this competition exceeds HK$100,000.

Adhering to the mission of "We Create a Lifestyle" with HKRI's core values

Since the inauguration of "PRI²DE Creative Camp", HKRI has received an impressive collection of nearly 500 design works from 30 countries across the globe. From the Clock Tower that embodies a city’s cultural spirit to the visionary Un'usual Design Home and the ingenious Movable Chair that champions urban renewal, this impactful competition has steadfastly explored the profound link between individuals and cities. It showcases the transformative power of innovative design, elevating lifestyle to new heights.

Jackie Tang, Managing Director of HKRI, stated: "Our Group is dedicated to creating a sustainable lifestyle in collaboration with stakeholders through this design competition. We aim to enhance the functionality of home spaces and improve the living environment for the new generation. This year, we have chosen Hong Kong as the competition's location and partnered with Hong Kong Designers Association. HKDA shares a similar philosophy in nurturing talented design professionals and providing practical opportunities for them to unleash their creativity. As the most esteemed organisation of its kind with the longest history locally, HKDA has a strong connection with designers in the field, along with their enthusiastic members who share our excitement for this competition. We look forward to receiving impressive entries and exceptional design works.”

With a track record spanning over 45 years, HKRI has expanded from Hong Kong to Mainland China and across Asia. The Group remains committed to upholding its core values known as PRI²DE, including "Respect" which emphasises valuing individuals and cherishing the environment; "Innovation," which encourages thinking or ideas outside the box; and "Excellence," which inspires the consistent pursuit of exceptional quality. "PRI²DE Creative Camp" aligns with these values, serving as a platform for the Group to elevate its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) development.

In recent years, ESG has emerged as a pivotal topic in corporate development, and HKRI's commitment to ESG principles has garnered industry recognition. As the Group remains steadfast in its dedication to sustainable development, it continuously enhances its operational models and project developments. By forging strong partnerships with like-minded business entities and leveraging on its experience, the Group aims to promote the ESG concept in order to benefit a wider community, and create a unique lifestyle for a broader range of stakeholders.

The registration deadline for the competition is on 6 October 2023. Please visit the competition website for details:




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